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To contact us choose one of the national sites represent Your country If the site from Your country do not exist in our system just contact our main office by mail: management@

Artur Stelmach
Mogilska str. 121C/32
31-571 Krakow

National Partner:

we are the FOOD for Your BUSINESS

www.foodB2Bmarketplace.com is b2b portal for food sector

www.foodB2Bmarketplace.com was created for and by professionals from food market from different sectors and countries. The main idea of creating this service was experience of purchasers and sellers responsible for foreign markets. We decided in one place to collect and present information from different countries in national languages.


Therefore to this idea was adopted the structure of company. Our service is creating by national main agents placed in European countries, one main agent for each country. We are collecting coming information from agents in English language and translating it into national languages by existing agents in other countries. Thanks to this method we have got local knowledge which we can distribute into European countries in national languages within 24 hours since placing it in the system.


Every professionals responsible for foreign markets has always same problem. Knowing fluency foreign languages is not able to promote its own products and/or services abroad from one hand and from the other increasing competition force them to intensifies activities. But how?
www.foodB2Bmarketplace.com is an ideal respond for such needed.
1. We are presenting Your company and product in different national languages.
2. We are able to contact our national agents for more detail information.
3. We directly represent Your interests in foreign country searching for the cheapest and the most effective ways of marketing and/or distributing Your products.

The slogan “WE ARE THE FOOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS” treat as the answer for Your demands on foreign markets.