Polish frozen strawberries are already about 1/3 more expensive than last year

We are the main supplier of frozen strawberries to EU markets and the world's second exporter of these fruits after Mexico.

In the past five seasons, Polish strawberries have satisfied up to 30 percent. demand in the countries of the community. According to preliminary estimates, in the 2016/2017 season, sales to EU markets reached 97 thousand. tone. This is less than a year earlier when we sent record numbers of these fruits abroad.
Lower export results from lower production as well as high prices. According to IAFE, the average strawberry purchase price for freezing this year was PLN 5.1 / kg. It's almost a half higher rate than in 2016. Dear raw material means expensive finished product. Polish frozen strawberries already cost one-third more than a year ago.
Lower supply of our fruit has forced EU consumers to look for raw material outside of Poland. Effect? A clear increase in supplies from Spain and Egypt.
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