Soon the purchase of spinach and rhubarb starts

In the processing plants it is still empty before the new season. But soon the traffic will start - due to the start of buying spinach.

At the end of May, the purchase of rhubarb will begin and in June, industrial strawberries. Producers of rhubarb already know that it will be an extremely successful year, because there are also recipients and a very good purchase price.

Two years ago, the collection points paid for a kilogram of rhubarb 0,70 PLN / kg, and the profitability limit according to farmers is at least 1 PLN / kg. Prices have skyrocketed this year.
In spring, after the first rhubarb harvest the collection centers paid an average of 2 zlotys / kg. Now you can get up to 4 PLN / kg. There are some brokers who declare that they will buy any quantity.
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