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city, country :

Cracow, Poland


48 512 286 656

fax :

48 512 286 656





-aA+  Awima

Your trade partner The AWIMA Group has been established in 2007 and its activities are focused on projects dedicated to farm-food branch of business.
The AWIMA Group consists of the following; AGRO-AWIMA, ZAGRODNIK, FOOD-NAVIGATOR

AGRO-AWIMA www.agro-awima.pl

Broadly understood counseling provided in the area of małopolskie and adjacent voivodships, within the scope of both formal solutions for individual farmer such as preparation of development and business plans, calculations of profitability, winning of UE grants or preparation of different types of documentation as well as a direct agrotechnical counselling based on quality control analyses of products conducted in our own laboratory.

Direct contact: biuro@agro-awima.pl

ZAGRODNIKb www.zagrodnik.org

A magazine and www portal. The magazine is periodically distributed among the farmers in małopolskie voivodship. Current information and tips which should be within the area of interest of every farmer, served in a very clear and reader-friendly way. The www service as well as the paper edition is totally free of charge.

Direct contact: kontakt@zagrodnik.org
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Offers Awima

Code Type Product Quality Form Location
s-52-698 Sale Blackberry Class Extra whole Poland
s-52-469 Sale Strawberry Class I without stalk Poland
p-52-379 Purchase Pumpkin Class II dices Poland
s-52-625 Sale Black currant Class I without stalk Poland
s-52-598 Sale cauliflower Class II floretd ices Poland
p-52-659 Purchase Green Peas Class factory grain Poland
p-52-537 Purchase Green Peas Class I whole Poland
p-52-530 Purchase Strawberry Class II with stalk Poland
s-52-159 Sale Blueberry Class I whole Poland
s-52-624 Sale Aroniaberry Class I without stalk Poland

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