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city, country :

Kielce, Poland


(+48) 41 331 38 25

fax :

(+48) 41 331 14 30





-aA+  Chłodnie Kieleckie

French Fries from Kielce Chłodnie Kieleckie is amount producer wide gamut’s truck as well yield frozen. Until capital product Chłodnie Kieleckie docket strawberries and crisps, selling both on empties retail as well as to kilograms

Select raw materials ex ecological walk voivodship świętokrzyskie, producing on the faith of arrangement HACCP guarantee quality viands in total process ex gaining through processing and distribution to vendees.
For disposal partnership Chłodnie Kieleckie stand total area 20 000 ton in ventricle by capital temperature and so terms warehousing. In voivodship świętorzyskie this is the biggest of this type refrigerator multilevel storage.
Chłodnie Kieleckie is value and experienced exporter stellar yield and truck, getting to the markets of many countries of the world. Export of Chłodnie Kieleckie presents 60% of own products. Capital consumer production refrigerator is Russia and countries European Union.
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