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city, country :

Legnica, Poland


+48 76 86-245-11

fax :

+48 76 86-270-71





-aA+  Algor

Frozen goods from Legnica The Company of Cooling Industry "ALGOR" Ltd. of Legnica was established in 1998 as a result of the restructuring of a state enterprise with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing frozen food as well as storing goods.

The company manufactures around 10,000 tons of frozen food products a year, mainly fruit, vegetables and culinary products. Manufactured frozen vegetables are sold in the homogenous form as well as in the form of various mixes, soups and salads. All our high quality products are consistent with the requirements of the Polish Norm and have all the necessary certificates. We sell our products both on domestic and foreign markets, exporting to Germany, Czech Republic, England and Holland.
Apart from the manufacturing activities, the company renders services in the scope of freezing and storing goods in sub-zero (below -23°C) and zero temperatures as well as distribution services, supplying retail and wholesale network. The company may store 15,000 tons of goods and has been entered in the "list of approved trade establishments and cold stores in accordance with Directive 64/433/EEC", held by the Chief Veterinary Officer.
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Offers Algor

Code Type Product Quality Form Location
s-26-173 Sale Carrot Class II dices Poland
s-26-64 Sale Carrot Class II stripes Poland
s-26-171 Sale Leek Class II slices Poland
s-26-61 Sale Parsley Class II dices Poland
s-26-67 Sale cauliflower Class II floretd ices Poland

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