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The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland

The Society was founded in 1784 to promote the regeneration of rural Scotland, as well as the preservation of its poetry, language and music. Today, in the 21st century, the Society is for people who value the rural areas of Scotland.
It is for people who enjoy the finest products of our land-based and allied industries. And it is for everyone who supports the very best standards in agriculture, forestry and stewardship of the countryside, which are such an essential part of our heritage - and our future.

The industries of rural Scotland are major contributors to the economy and character of our country. The land-based and allied industries are a major part of that rural economy. They produce much of our food and drink, manage and conserve our countryside and provide access for sport and recreation to millions.

With its history of encouraging advances in education, science, technology and craftsmanship over two hundred years, the Society is in a strong position to continue its twin roles of building business for Scotland's land-based and allied industries, and of creating a wider public understanding of the management of the land and rural resources. In these ways we help build a healthy economy and employment, and provide the wider public with the information they need to make balanced judgements on rural matters.
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