Inspekcja Jakości Handlowej Artykułów Rolno-Spożywczych (IJHARS)

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Warsaw, Poland


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Food quality and safety strategy is not only the requirement of the present times but also the challenge that future brings and it requires the increase in consumer awareness.
It is the state's additional commitment to implement not only food quality and safety policy but also the policy of gaining social trust. Official food quality control system in Poland (like in the whole EU) is based on the principle of product quality assurance at all stages of production - from stable to table. It is the producer that bears the main responsibility for product quality (internal control system); he is to implement internal quality systems which guarantee high product quality. State control institutions support quality assurance process and are responsible for protection of consumer health and their economic safety (external control system).

IJHARS fights unreliable entrepreneurs who have decided to make profit on the adulteration (the sale of products which contain cheaper ingredients or ingredients of lower quality). The controls prevent the situation when food products on the market provide false information to the customer as to content, origin, quality and method of production. They are not only aimed at guaranteeing consumer's health, but also his economic safety, since he can be sure that for the money he pays he obtains goods of adequate quality that have not expired and that has been appropriately stored. Apart from finished goods the Inspection also controls raw materials, handling conditions and storage method, in other words the whole product cycle up to its introduction on the market. None of the controls is accidental; all of them are based on the in-depth risk analysis and market evaluation.
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